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As the material in my Family History area indicates, I seem to come by my interest in beer by what could be called genealogical necessity. But it is a part of who I am and what fascinates me and hence this page.

Reflections in a Tankard

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin.

"We old folks have to find our cushions and our pillows in our tankards. Strong beer is the milk of the old." - Martin Luther

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Product Warning! You just have to know that this could only happen to someone who was addicted to Coors Light. Check it out and take note!

Keeping Christian Hospitality Alive If you enjoy a good brew it is wise to keep friends and family apprised of that because then when you visit they feel somewhat pressured to produce something interesting to demonstrate their hospitality. For instance, I reaped the benefits of that policy some time ago when visiting one of my offspring in Vancouver. In addition to the prospects of a lovely dinner she, though not a beer drinker herself, produced a bottle of La Fin du Monde (always a treat) for before dinner and an interesting Longboat Chocolate Porter (brewed by Phillips in Victoria, BC) for afterwards. I am so glad that we imparted to our children a respect for parents and a commitment to generous Christian hospitality. The generous part was evidenced in the fact that both of these offerings come in larger than average sized bottles. The choclate porter was a tasty treat. It is truly something of a novelty but if people can rhapsodize about having a hot chocolate on a chilly evening why not be more independent of mind and have a cold chocolate on a chilly evening.

When your ancestors were German speaking this cartoon resonates !

Barking Squirrel If in your travels you happen to meet a Barking Squirrel give it a try. I had a pint of it awhile back and it wasn't too bad. I looked at some reviews on line and they were only mildly supportive. But then, what would I know about beer - I am not a critic, I just drink the stuff now and then. Barking Squirrel is a 2009 release from Hop City but this is the first time that it has come to my attention.

Ontario Craft Brewers
Ontario has 30 microbreweries that produce more than 140 handcrafted brews. Sales of beer from the microbreweries has been growing steadily in recent years but still only account for about 5% of beer sales in the province. Check out the details on the excellent website.

News Flash (April 2010): The Lakeport Brewery in Hamilton is no more! How big a surprise is that? Is there anyone who didn't suspect that Labatts was only buying Lakeport in order to take it off the market? It will take more than carefully worded speeches about productivity and cost effectiveness to persuade most Hamiltonians. This is the first time in a long time that Hamilton will be without a commercial brewery. Update: Oct./14 Beer is to be returning to Hamilton. A partnership between Nickelbrook of Burlington and the Collective Arts Brewing Company of Toronto hopes to see their first batches coming out of the same Burlington Street location early in 2015.

Permission Granted  The Hamilton Spectator (Feb. 8/10) included a front page article commending the consumption of beer. Beer, the scientists have decided, contains significant amounts of silicon and silicon is important for the growth and development of bones.
     Now, if I am not mistaken, silicon was the substance injected in early breast augmentation treatments which was later determined to be unhealthy - but then you didn't drink it.
     Anyway, the truth is that beer drinkers don't consume beer so that they will have strong bones in case they fall down on the way home from the pub. We drink beer because it is a tasty and convivial beverage. However, I may give this article just a tad of credence. It did say that dark bitters and stouts contain less silicon than do malted ales and lagers. So maybe I should increase my usual intake from one pint to two - just to enhance my health, of course. Anyone for a Warsteiner Dunkel - or maybe two?