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I have no aspirations to create a definitive list of beer links on the Internet. However, I need a place to record, for my own interest if no one else's, some of the more interesting beer websites that I encounter. I am especially interested in noting those that have a Canadian or an Ontario connection.

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Some Smaller Breweries in Ontario

Brick Brewery The Brick, located in Waterloo, Ontario, may not belong on a list of "Smaller" breweries - but then again they do make Waterloo Dark.

Church-Key Brewing Curious about the name of this operation in Campbellville? Check it out.

Hockley Valley Brewing Company. Located in Orangeville, Ontario

Hopcity. The home of the almost world famous Barking Squirrel Lager.

Muskoka Cottage Brewery Located in Bracebridge.

Ontario Craft Brewers. The website of the Ontario Craft Brewers representing 25 smaller brewers in Ontario with all sorts of info about their member breweries.

Wellington Brewery. Located in Guelph, Ontario.

Links to Beers with Ecclesiastical Associations

Abbey Ales Located in Bath England with brews with names such as Bell Ringer, Chorister, and Hell's Bells. Presbyterians may find it interesting to know that they also operate a pub called The Assembly Inn.

Bishops Finger A Kentish strong ale from Shepherd Neame.

La Fin du Monde. The end of the world - now what could be more ecclesiastical, or at least eschatalogical, than that. And it is Canadian too (at least in terms of manufacture if not of brewery ownership)! Unibroue also produces other ecclesiatical brews such as Don de Dieu (Gift of God) and on the Devil's side Maudite (The Damned) - one of the first French words that I remember learning (without translation) in my childhood in a Quebec Anglophone community.