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Free Stuff

In this realm of computers there is lots of free stuff. I use some amazing programs that I got without cost. Some of them are "lite" versions of commercial software but many of them are just freeware that is available for the using. I am not talking about hacking anything here. And all of this is in addition to the free stuff that comes from Google.

I plan to write some brief reviews of some of this free stuff and safe places from which to download it. I will also point out a few of the hazards and liabilities

The Internet is the Driver

Much, though not all, of the free stuff relates to the Internet. What do you use for a browser? Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or something else - it was probably free. If you want to make a comparison just walk into a store in your local mall and ask them what they are giving away free today. Some of the best software that I have on my system - stuff I use every day - is available without charge.

Talking about free stuff, if you don't know about either Evernote or Dropbox you ought to check them out. They are both wonderful tools and both are free.