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I must admit that I am a Google fan. They run a great search engine but there is so much more. The list is incredible. Although much of the Google system includes advertising it is not usually too distracting.

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I am a great fan of Goggle's browser called Chrome. For my money it is the slickest and fastest thing on the block. If you haven't tried it you should. And then there are things like G-mail and Google docs. (In the past I have been an enthusiastic user of a Google Internet homepage system called iGoogle which put everything that I regularly need right at my fingertips. Unfortunately IGoogle is being discontinued in 2013 and so I have already migrated to other web strategies that will accomplish the same thing for me.) I want to share some of my observations about these Google goodies and how useful they are. (Google also has an operating system out there but I have no experience of it at all.)

Google and Privacy I know that not everyone is a Google fan. In fact, right within my family circle I hear cogent concerns expressed. Google amasses incredible amounts of information about people and their Internet activities. But then, so does every other Internet company. It is just that Google is so huge and its tentacles reach so far in so many directions. I know that authors and other creators of material feel that Google plays too loose with the copyright law. And, there are some very valid issues. But Google also attracts a lot of attention and probably their activities receive closer scrutiny than do those of many other corporate Internet players.

Book Publication Google's declared intention of bringing the world of published books to the Internet has also brought it into sharp conflict with both publishers and authors. For several years there has been ongoing litigation directed at Google that was launched separately by both the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild. The issues involved are real and challenging to resolve. As anticipated, Google has now (October 2012) reached a settlement with the AAP but is apparently still far from being near such a resolution with the Author's Gild. Although Internet users may salivate at the prospect of having searchable access to virtually everything in print it is clear that there are wider rights and claims that need to be evaluated and provided for before that will become reality.

Throughout my adult life I have been privileged to have access to some truly great libraries of books, However, I now have access to more information on-line than any paper library could ever possibly provide. It is a wondrous dream that all of this might possibly someday come together. Don't you wonder what the future holds?