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Photography is a great hobby. My first serious camera back in about 1959 was a Yashica A and then I graduated to Nikon F5. When digital came along I was fascinated with the potential and soon I had left the realm of film behind. My first digital camera, when the whole concept was brand new, was a Sony Mavica that cost an arm and a leg. It recorded its low resolution photos directly onto a 3.5 disk. Today I use a Canon Powershot S5. It is now a few years old and so it is only an 8 megapixel model (which is still fine for web applications). It takes great pictures and has a 12 power optical zoom.

Aiming my Canon  Like all photographers I want to share a few of what I think are my best shots with the world. I may post some here but there are better ways to share photos. I may eventually add a link to an small collection of some of my photographs.

Shooting Musicians  One of my favourite photographic subjects is shooting musicians. It is always a challenge. I shoot without flash to avoid intruding on their performance. But musicians move all the time both in playing their instruments and in response to the music. So catching them in pleasing ways is a real challenge. Using a tripod usually isn't an option. I am learning to hold my camera steady while shooting at full zoom. It is very satisfying when everything comes together well.

Vintage Black and White Photos  If you enjoy viewing vintage photographs as I do then check out a photoblog called Jiggsy ( It features black-and-white photos from years past. You’ll find photos that are historical, funny, or simply pleasing to look at.