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Some Current Interests

I always seem to have a lot of personal projects on the go. These are things that interest me or sometimes ones that that I think that I ought to do. Some of these things are practical projects that relate to tasks that are ahead of me. The revision of a website, for example, is often on my mind for weeks before ideas gel sufficiently for me to proceed. Some projects never come to fruition at all - either because of the constraints of time or because they loose their place in the queue to more important or more engaging options.

However, some potentially useful ideas simply get lost because they fall off into space. If I make note of them here at least I will have to confront them from time to time before they either emerge into reality or wither on the vine.

Things that are in the Hopper

This is not a formal list. Instead, It is just a place to note things as they come to mind. Admittedly some of these things have already been on the go for some time.

For example, there is the matter of "Family History." For a couple of years now I have been investing a bit of time in tracking down some of my wife Jan's maternal ancestors in the coal mining region of Pennsylvania. I am starting to get some insights into how to use the web for recovering family history. I am also slowly gathering some more material on my own paternal family history in the area of Cambridge, Ontario. Both these efforts need to be put into some practical form that can be shared with our children and grandchildren before I up and die and everything is buried somewhere on my computer.

I am still resolving to maintain a regular active blog. But the truth is that I have resolved to do this so often that even I do not believe it.