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Books, Books, Books

I love books. I love the look of them, the feel of one in my hands, and even that slightly musty smell that comes from age yellowed pages. For six decades I had been acquiring books and only with reluctance was I persuaded to abandon one once acquired. Then when I retired I brought home a whole room full of books from my office. There were books everywhere. While books are my companions they had also become my nemises - like the camel in the Arab's tent.

With pain I culled savagely. Many were given away and others, outdated but not of historical value, were simply discarded. Then in 2013 a room in our home was renovated to match my vision of the picture perfect reading room of which I have always dreamed. Ironically I call it The War Room - not as a place of conflict but as a place to reflect and quietly strategize.

Current Reading

Words, Words, Words Here is a little something to explore. Obviously, some words in the English language are used much more commonly than others. Are you curious as to which words in our language we use most often? There is a website called Wordcount which (in someone's opinion) ranks the top 86,800 words in order of the frequency of their use in the English language. You can search by word to find its spot, or by rank number. Try it out but, be warned, this may be an invitation to waste a bit of your valuable time.