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Theology and the Internet

In the early days of the Internet the world seemed to be populated only by zealous and not overly literate radicals - and that was not just true of sites with a religious message. The passing of time has moved things in the direction of greater maturity and balance. There is currently a lot of valuable biblical and theological material, complete with an arsenal of multimedia resources, making its appearance. One of the challenges is that it often requires spending a fair amount of time on a new website to assess what it has to offer. My objective is not to create an exhaustive web library here but simply to note sites that are coming to my attention and keeping them in view until I find time while to form a clearer perception about them. This is a way of doing some of my work in public.

Worth Exploring?

Internet graphicThe Best of History website is a portal to 1200 history websites. It has a whole section of links related to "Ancient/Biblical History". Such sites often have a strong theological bias but, at a glance, this looks like one that is worth exploring.

Another site of a historical nature that has just been drawn to my attention (Oct./13) is but I have not yet taken the time to explore it.