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This is intended to be a sort of theological diary. It is, like me, sort of a work in progress. Only this project does not need to be ready for a publication date. I plan to post more meditative things to the page called "Reflections." There will also be a lot of interconnection between this page and "Current Projects" and "Current Reading."

John Calvin Getting organized:  I hope that as the page progresses I will find a way to organize things so that it is not too confusing. However, since this is a personal webpage it may often look like my desk does - a little cluttered. ... OK - a lot cluttered! Hey, I can always find my desktop even if my laptop does go missing for short periods.

Where am I coming from?  Describing my theological perspective is not as simple as it sounds. I don't feel as though I fit neatly into any of the usual categories that I hear people talking about these days. I am definitely in the Augustinian - Calvinistic theological tradition, but given how I have heard that described, even by some people supposedly schooled in theology, I rather shudder at the thought of what that might conjure up in many people's minds.